The creation of Owen Gillett. Sonically massive, emotionally charged heaviness with severely de-tuned guitars, punishing drums and soaring melodic vocals in an original, genre-defying style.


Who We Are

Owen Gillett

Owen Gillett

Guitar, Vocals, Songwriter, Audiophile, Engineer, Mixer, Podcaster
The creator of the music and the visionary behind the production being as huge and dynamic as possible. Owen also created a unique guitar tuning, plays baritone guitars and is versatile voice of icecocoon live. Owen also runs the Production Masters Podcast interviewing the worlds top audio engineers about music production.
Matthew Davis

Matthew R. Davis

Bass, Vocals
The solid foundation of icecocoon’s immense bottom end.
Brad Roscow

Brad Roscow

Brad is a very talented and versatile guitar player in his own right.
Tom Kilsby

Tom Kilsby

One of the hardest hitting rock drummers around. Inspired by Vinnie Paul and Lars Ulrich. Tom’s drumming provides the solid foundation that icecocoon’s live sound is built upon.

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