How Long is Forever?

How Long Is Forever…?

Part One.

Forged in the dark reaches of time, the narrative of “How Long Is Forever?”
A concept work following the character “The Traveller”, from a
parallel earth, slightly into our future.
He sees his world and civilisation drawing to a close in
The Great Aerial Ocean. He leaves the dying city to
its’ inevitable decay to begin a simultaneously internal and literal journey.
The Spectrum of the human spirit is shown with the hopeful, positive
Falling Away dissolving into heartbreak with Breaking You Apart.
Lost at Sea deals with death and the transient nature of mortal (and
parallel mortal) lives. Contemplating his own life, he goes into
a deep sleep………


Part Two.

The Traveller is in a transcendental sleep as
The Particle Horizon extends to the edge of the
known universe where Did It All is the deepest
contemplation of all existence and the essence of
The (front album) cover shows the Traveller reborn,
given the chance to change, the ice cocoon cracks
open and reveals the true essence of man…?
Sunlight Sonata…. the Traveller awakens on a dry desert bed
after what feels like one hundred years of sleep.
The Earth mother speaks to him, inspiring
redemption for himself and all the others.
100 Times My Weight – his deep reflection over all
of mankind’s struggle, failure and downfall, but now
believing that his spark could still be enough to ignite
a new, great future… to be continued…


Origin and Creation…
Written and Produced by Owen Gillett
recorded in Adelaide, south australia at:
S.A.E.   J.R. recording studio  Nannahaus  Barry Road Studio Asian Delights
“studio beige”  and disk edits studio 2
Mixed by Owen Gillett at Barry road studio and disk edits studio 2.
Mastered by Goran Finnberg at the Mastering room AB  Göteborg
performed by: Owen Gillett   vocals guitar bass synth
Tom Kilsby  Todd James  Alan Cadman      Drums
Matthew R. Davis     Bass guitar on FA and DIA
Jon Dewar     (most of) guitar left on TPH
Darren McLennan    Solo 2 on TPH
Mel Bulian ,Andy Walters   Skin and bone growls 100TMW
Original paintings by Elena Maslarova.
The Narrative: written and performed by Owen Gillett

  • Release Date : 28/02/2018

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